From the Founder

Students today are competing in a rapidly changing world. Simply covering the curriculum will not do. At NEOME, we know that it is not the technology Brilliance that creates stunning results, but it is the artist.
Therefore, we have made sure that our instructors are industry professionals with traditional backgrounds who started using the technology only to bring their imaginations to life.
At NEOME we stress the importance of creativity more than anything else. NEOME's entire curriculum has been designed, developed and tested
by professionals working in the film and the animation industry.

Mir Naushad Ali

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Neome is an Industrial Training Institute & Media Hub with Specific interest in Animation, VFX, Live-Action Films and Gaming. Neome is the offshoot of its parent production studio. Scapix which is an acclaimed Studio dealing with Motion Graphics, Animation, VFX and Architectural Design.

Scapix has successfully handled number of project be it for Television, Films or Real Estates with works like Channel Packaging, Logo Animation & VFX in films.

Neome's goal is to create an educational environment unlike any other, to pioneer a more effective way of learning & a better way to prepare students for careers in the computer graphics & entertainment industry.


NEOME will emerge as a leading world class institution that creates & disseminates knowledge, we upload the highest standards for instruction in Animation, VFX, Live-Action Films & Gaming.
Along with academic excellence, our curriculum emphasize integrity and cultural sensitivity so that our students may best serve the nation and the world.


Neome's Industrial Training Studio to be recognized globally as the foremost educational authority in 3D computer graphics committed to offering the highest quality education, instruction and comprehensive educational experience thereby preparing for successful career.


Neome is born with a dream of capitalizing the raw Indian Talent for the overgrowing animation/gaming industry. That is why Neome is set with a different module as far as professional training is concerned. Neome's instructors are working professional who brings their passion & experience to the classroom. They use their real world experience to ensure that Neome's Curriculum moves in tandem with the industry.

Neome believes in passion and dreams, the two main motivating factors to require to achieve success in life & hence Neome will be the guide or mentor for all the passionate open minded learners who will not only be imparted with theory & practical Knowledge but also mentor & guide to choose the right career. The entire course module of Neome is completely career oriented with introductory & expert level courses.


The vast campus houses the faculties of Animation, VFX, Live-Action Films and Gaming. The institution has excellent infrastructure facilities including air-conditioned high tech "smart classrooms" and laboratories. The campus has enviable resources for higher study with several well patronized libraries, students have access to round the clock security, free counseling & many option for dining at cafe and restaurant.


Whichever campus you end up choosing, lavish, is the word you would use. Spacious and ultra modern, the ambience makes learning a welcome experience. From inspiring E-libraries and stimulating discussion rooms to large practical rooms, there is much to see. Essential facilities like cafe & restaurants and internet browsing centers have all been provided in each campus. Students can focus on their interests and be assured of a lively time.